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A Pioneer of Waste Management and Disposal since 1993​

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26 long years of waste disposal with customers and regulations always in mind

Since 1993 Extox Industries has been disposing waste from dry-cleaners throughout the GTA and now disposes 80% of all hazardous waste in North America. 

From there we have moved on to also supply dry-cleaning equipment, supplies and hangars for dry-cleaners.

Our Products

Dry-cleaning Solvents

Extox offers every possible kind of dry-cleaning solvent there is to offer! Check out solvent for more information.

Dry-cleaning soaps and supplies

Extox now supplies every item needed for your business to sustain itself including hangars, soaps and much more! Visit our product pages for more information.


Certified dealership for a variety of equipment to enhance your dry-cleaning process. Visit our equipment page for more information.

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