Spotting Board

  • Strong, self-contained vacuum for faster drying.
  • Two cold spotting guns connect to solvent tanks on machine.
  • Stainless steel construction for strength and durability
  • Steam/air assembly
  • Standard sleeve spotting arm
  • Ecological suction hood captures stray vapors
  • Solvent bottle rack and light build into hood

Electricity: 120V 4.2 AMPS

Machine Size: 45.5″ X 21.5″ X 70″

Net Weight: 130 LBS

Shipping Weight: 160 LBS

Requires Compressed Air: N/A

Shirt Finisher

  • 60 + shirts per hour
  • Affordable 
  • Good quality finish
  • Long Sleeve + short sleeve
  • Small shirt to Size 3XL
  • All fabrics (cotton, silk, rayon, spandex, etc.)
  • No hot metal buck, no broken buttons, no color loss
  • Easy to Operate 
  • Compact – smaller foot print
  • Touch screen control

Electricity: 220 VOLTS 3 Phase

Machine Size: 10.5 AMPS 

Net Weight: W 32″ (with arms folded) X D 55″ X H 64″

Shipping Weight: 550 LBS

Requires Compressed Air: N/A

CB-520 Vertical Collar & Cuff (Steam & Electric)

  • Strong self-contained vacuum on bucks to hold shirt in place
  • Full hand guard for operator protection
  • Adjustable timed pressing cycle
  • Heavy duty construction assures highest finishing quality
  • Microprocessor touch-screen control 
  • Compact footprint

Model: CB-520

Electricity: 220V, 3PH, 2A

Steam: 80-115 PSI

Machine Size: W42″ X D27.6″ X H78.8″

Net Weight: 440 LB

Tensioning Pants Topper with Pleat Paddles

  • Pleat Paddles – Makes setting pleats quick & easy
  • Waistband Tensioning Device – Automatically adjusts to proper size
  • Adjustable Cuff Clamps – Holds cuff in proper position
  • Inside Cuff Expanders – Eliminates clamp marks on uncreased trousers 
  • Electronic Program Controls – Can program 9 separate programs for steam, steam & air, and air
  • Automatic Tensioning – At the start of steam cycle you can select tensioning (great for wet-cleaned garments)

Electricity: 200V, 3 PH, 15 AMPS

Steam Consumption: 10-20 KG/HR

Air Pressure: 80 PSI

Dimensions: 20″ X 45″ X 78″

Shipping Weight: 400 LBS

Tensioning Shirt Finisher Plus for Shirts, Blouses, Lab Coates, etc.

  • Hand finished look with no broken buttons.
  • All size garments, large & small extra large or extra small shirts.
  • Spandex and other hard to press fabrics
  • All styles cuts, and heavy starch
  • No shine or discolouration on dark coloured garments
  • Height adjustable: easy to load short garments (shirts , blouses) raise the form for tall garments.
  • Simple to operate no experience needed.
  • Efficient – Press body & sleeves in one operation.
  • Self-contained Vacuum – allows operator to properly position the shirt

For Laundry: Pres damp, laundered shirts, blouses, lab coats. Produces 35-40 shirts/hr

Dry Cleaning: Press dry cleaned blouses, men’s and ladies’ jackets (suit and casual), etc.

Wet Cleaning: Press wet cleaned jackets & other garments; special; shoulder incline adjustment for jackets

PND-4100AB Vacuum/Blowing Board

  • Professional strength self-contained vacuum for fast drying with 0.8 HP motor (PND-4100AB also features blowing/up-air)
  • Heated pressing surface (with adjustable temperature control) and sleeve buck
  • Exhaust chimney for air release 
  • Height adjustable
  • Press from left or right side 
  • Optional conveyer and iron lifter assembly
  • Economically priced
  • Perfect for use with Hi-Steam mini boilers for a complete, instant pressing department
  • Ideal for shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, for garment factories, sample room, hotel valet services, tuxedo and bridal shops, clothing stores, fashion schools, etc.


Model: PND-4100A

Electricity: 120V 18 AMPS

Vacuum Area: 46″ X 16″ X 10″

Machine Size: 61.4″ X 21.7″ X 75″

Net Weight: 155 LBS

Gross Weight: 180 LBS

Model: PND-4100B

Electricity: 120V 18 Amps

Vacuum Area: 46″ X 16″ X 10″

Machine Size: 61.4″ X 21.7″ X 75″

Net Weight: 177 LBS

Gross Weight: 202 LBS​