Established in 1993, Extox Industries Inc. has been a proud Canadian company that upholds the environmental values this country possess. Extox is known in the industry as an environmentally conscious hazardous waste disposal company, which specializes in source reduction and the recycling of chlorinated waste solvents. With being a fully permitted business by The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy, Extox can assure a process, which is legal and up to code. As a result, this guarantees that the waste produced by drying cleaners is taken care of in the best possible manner. In meeting the strict hazardous waste needs of the dry cleaning industry and generators of chlorinated waste solvents Extox Industries Inc. has formulated a process that works. With Extox’s “Resource Recovery Facility” located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canadian and International customers can be ensured that all hazardous waste disposal needs can be met. The services that enable Extox to meet the needs of its customers are listed below:

Numbers speak for themselves

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Recycling of chlorinated solvents and perchloroethylene contaminated dry cleaning waste filters

Transportation of hazardous waste directly into Canada and to Extox’s fully insured Ontario facility.

Full disposing service of dry cleaning solvents, such as Perc, Sensene, DF-2000, Green Earth, and Intense, that will be recycled at Extox’s Recovery Facility

Certified capability of processing High Chlorine hazardous waste solvents into a recyclable form that is in compliance with Environment Canada

The unique operations held at Extox Industries provides economic and environmentally sound advantages to customers that no other competitors can provide. With Extox’s wide range of different solvents one is guaranteed to find an affordable product that will  supply the customer with all of his or her requirements. In addition, the location of Extox Industries is close to its customers and suppliers, which allows easy transportation between places. In addition to economic benefits, Extox’s environmentally friendly solutions minimizes the generator’s (dry cleaner’s) liability. Extox is capable of fully recycling filter cartridges into raw materials for new products and reclaiming Perchloroethylene solvent for resale. This paired with the continuous successful track record of Extox Industries Inc. one receives the advantage of being safeguarded from any liability due to the low risk involved in working with Extox. 

In the beginning, Extox was first developed in the specialization of waste reclamation and recycling; however, as time progressed the company has become more involved in other markets. The three main areas, which the business has expanded towards, are Soaps/Detergents, Hangers/Polly, and Equipment. In these new markets Extox has come out as being a revolutionary force due to its consistent sells of top of the line, high quality products at the most affordable prices.