We were established in 1993 to address the even increasing waste management problems in the dry cleaning industry. Our process is specifically designed to recover Perchloroethylene (Perc) and other waste material from dry cleaning waste systems.We are located in Mississauga and our unique recycling facility in Canada permitted and enshured to accept and recycle dry cleaning waste.There are no half measures when dealing with the matter of hazardous waste.

  • After cleaning of filter cartridges in our unique filter process the by-products are suitable for future recovery.
  • Our unique filter process recovers dry cleaning solvent th├Ąt is reused back in the industry.
  • Metal from the spent filters is recycled back into the steel industry.
  • Still bottoms and sludge are separated to facilitate further recovering of usable solvent.
  • Our sales department can offer new and reclaimed products for all your needs.

Please call us for any questions or concerns.